Welcome to Woodmen Heights

Metropolitan Districts 1, 2 and 3

We have provided important District information online for easy access for our residents and taxpayers. You can find contact information for the Board of Directors and the District's Manager, WSDM - District Managers under District Information as well as the district map and development plan. The Calendar of Events provides dates and times of our Board meetings and other important dates. Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Election information can be found  on the Board Meeting Information page. Profit & Loss reports, Audit information and Budgets can be found on the Financial Information page. The District's Service Plan, Resolutions, and the Transparency Notice can be found on the Important District Documents page. 

Quick Overview of the Districts:

Woodmen Heights Metropolitan Districts 1, 2, and 3 were formed by a Board of Directors authorized by the City of Colorado Springs on July 29, 2004.  It is intended that the Districts provide essential public purpose facilities and improvements for the use and benefits of the residents and taxpayers within the boundaries of the Districts. The primary purpose of the Districts is to construct, install, acquire, finance and otherwise provide streets such as Volmer Road widening and the realignment at Black Forest Road along with improvements at Marksheffel Road and the bridge at Sand Creek.  


District News

April 18, 2022
Construction Begins April 18th on Black Forest Road CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE PROJECT WEBSITE
April 13, 2022
There was a Community Garden located in the Trails of Forest Meadows Park that has recently been converted to a Dog Park instead (see below map for location).  This Community Garden was opened in 2018 with little participation from residents.  In 2020 we had 1 resident participate in the garden and in 2021 no interest was
April 5, 2022
Due to low participation and low revenue we were unable to sustain the Community Garden and as of April 2022 the Community Garden has changed into a Dog Park area.