*UPDATE: Street Repairs at Shiloh Mesa

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To:         Shiloh Mesa Homeowner

Date:     7/28/2023

Re:         Street Repairs at Shiloh Mesa

Dear Homeowner,

Due to additional investigation of underground utilities needed to perform the compaction grouting and the addition of 5 more locations, the completion date for this work will be extended to August 12.

  • Under the authority of the City of Colorado Springs, COLA, LLC is going to be conducting street repairs to various locations throughout the Shiloh Mesa Community from July 17 through August 12. These repairs consist of what is called “compaction grouting”. The process is to drill in various areas where there has been settling in the streets. Grout is then injected into these areas to help stabilize the subgrade.

  • Please note that our contractor needs access to the street during the working hours of 8am-5pm. During these hours, we request that you do not park in the street, so the contractor has full access. Parking can resume each evening from 5pm-8am.

If you have specific questions, please contact Shane Prahl at sprahl@viewhomesinc.com.


Shane Prahl

Land Development Project Manager