Are You Interested in Participating in a Community Garden?

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There was a Community Garden located in the Trails of Forest Meadows Park that has recently been converted to a Dog Park instead (see below map for location).  This Community Garden was opened in 2018 with little participation from residents.  In 2020 we had 1 resident participate in the garden and in 2021 no interest was expressed to participate.  Due to the decrease in participation, revenue, and volunteers to help manage the community garden over the years, the Metropolitan District was unable to sustain the operation of the Community Garden and decided to convert the used space to a Dog Park.  You will be able to enter the Dog Park through the only entrance located on the south/ east side, where there is a double gate system.

Since the Community Garden has been converted the Metropolitan District has received some communication from neighbors expressing interest in establishing a new community garden.  The Metropolitan District will be happy to establish another location in the District, most likely still part of the Trails at Forest Meadows park near the dedicated school site.  However, for the District to pursue this option we would like to better understand the number of willing participants so we can plan for the size, and we would like to establish volunteers within the community that are willing to help organize and run the garden.  The Metropolitan District will provide funding resources and water for the established area.

If you are interested in participating in this process, please reach out to Rebecca Hardekopf at or you may call the office at 719-447-1777 during regular business hours. 

Trails at Forest Meadows Park Map and Dog Park location:

trails at forest meadows park map