Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors:

Lindsay J. Case, President - Term to May 2023

Les Krohnfeldt, Vice-President/Treasurer - Term to May 2022

Randle W. Case II, Assistant Secretary - Term to May 2023

James Morley, Secretary - Term to May 2023

Kyle Geditz, Assistant Secretary - Term to May 2022

Board Meetings are scheduled

the 1st Wednesday of each month

at 1:00 pm

located at

119 N. Wahsatch Avenue

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

*Meetings may be cancelled if there is no business to conduct.

Woodmen Heights Metropolitan District 1-3

C/o Walker Schooler District Managers

614 N. Tejon Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

District Phone: (719) 900-5823

WSDM Office Phone: (719) 447-1777