Board of Directors

Bellow is a list of the current Districts Board of Directors. You may send letters addressed to Board Member's at the following address and contact the management company with any questions in regards to the Board or the District, at the following number:

Woodmen Heights Metropolitan District 1-3

C/o Walker Schooler District Managers

614 N. Tejon Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

(719) 447-1777

Board of Directors:

Lindsay J. Case, President - Term to May 2020

Les Krohnfeldt, Vice-President/Treasurer - Term to May 2022

Randle W. Case, II, Assistant Secretary - Term to May 2020

James Morley, Secretary - Term to May 2020

Kyle Geditz, Assistant Secretary - Term to May 2022

Board Meetings are scheduled

the 1st Wednesday of each month

at 1:00 pm

located at

102 E. Pikes Peak Avenue, Suite 200

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

**meetings may be cancelled if there is no business to conduct**